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Rebalance Me

Rebalance Me

Swedish massage is the most well known and popular of the massage techniques. Long massage strokes, kneading and circular motions are used to release tension and help you unwind and de-stress. Swedish massage is also very beneficial for increasing oxygen levels in the blood, helping the body remove toxins from muscles and improving circulation. If you don’t have any specific problems you want to target, that’s ok too, Rebalance Me is a great go-to treatment if you want to just relax and concentrate on number one. Our Rebalance Me massage is performed with our Vitamin Essential massage oil, you can choose to have this oil with or without Neroli essential oil.

Best For:

First timers

Those who primarily want to relax 

If you have allergies

If you are sensitive to smells

Try Something Else If...

Your looking for deep pressure, Deep Tissue Massage is best for you

You are pregnant, Pregnancy Massage is the perfect choice

Your have general massage contraindications, including active cancer, acute infection, cellulitis, thrombosis and acute allergies. If you are unsure of how this can effect your treatment, contact us

What Can I Expect From My Treatment?

Your therapist will arrive about 5-10 minutes early to set up and do a client consultation, this will include understanding injuries, allergies, pressure and what oil you would like them to use. Your massage therapist once set up will give you some privacy for you to get undressed at a level you are comfortable with(you must wear underwear) and ask you to position yourself on the massage couch for your treatment to start. Along with the health benefits of massage, it is to help you relax so your treatment is normally done in silence, but if you wish to talk to your therapist throughout your treatment that fine too! 

It is normal for your massage therapist to ask you questions during your treatment, this will include asking about the pressure they are using and if you are comfortable. Do feel free to let your therapist know if you feel any discomfort during your treatment. Once the treatment is finished your massage expert will give you 5 minutes to rest on the bed and get dressed. Once they re-enter they will answer any concerns you have and take feedback from you.