Neroli + Co


Vitamin Essential

Rich in Vitamin E, our organic Grapeseed oil’s high linoleic acid value makes it beautifully moisturising. Suitable on all skin types, including those allergic to nuts, this oil is our perfect “go to” for our Rebalance Me treatment

Complete Tranquility

Allow your mind to relax and escape from the humdrum of life with this evocative blend. Jojoba nourishes the skin and aromas of Lavender fields, woody undertones of Sandalwood and the sweet, resin-like scent of Frankincense calms your mind for a truly luxurious experience.

The Detox

Problems of poor circulation can affect all ages and diet, lifestyle, injury or illness can all be contributory factors. Using this light citrus and grapefruit oil as part of a detox regime, this can help draw out toxins, kick start circulation and increase energy and vitality.

Renewed Energy

A blend of uplifting Bergamot, which has positive effects on the mind, with fresh and vibrant Australian Eucalyptus oil. Wild Thyme helps stimulate the body into action and a little naturally soothing Lavender provides a re-assuring base to the oil.

The Favourite

Our instant crowd pleaser is created with the finest Ylang Ylang, inhibition easing Clary Sage and arousing Pimento Berry with a twist of Indonesian Sandalwood. Ylang Ylang has long been associated with sensual feelings whilst Clary Sage naturally reduces body tension and releases inhibitions. A truly divine encounter.

Muscle Relief

Naturally warming Black Pepper and toxin-removing, stimulating Rosemary alongside muscle-releasing Sage and relaxing Clary Sage and Lavender. This helpful oil is for those suffering with anxiety and tension providing a naturally relaxing and mind clearing experience.