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Muscle Relief

Muscle Relief

Naturally warming Black Pepper and toxin-removing, stimulating Rosemary alongside muscle-releasing Sage and relaxing Clary Sage and Lavender. This helpful oil is for those suffering with anxiety and tension providing a naturally relaxing and mind clearing experience.

Best For:

Muscle warming

Tension easing and destressing

Removing toxins

Try Another Oil If...

  • Your are pregnant or breastfeeding, Vitamin Essential is the one for you
  • You have allergies
  • You are sensitive to aromas


Black Pepper – A stimulating, warming oil that aids stamina and rejuvenates the body from aches and pains.

Rosemary – This refreshing scent stimulates the brain and aids concentration.

Clary Sage – This sweet smelling flowering plant relieves tension and relaxes muscles, evoking a sense of euphoria.

We use organic oils wherever possible and our treatments are carried out using 100% blended essential oils. We also endeavour to ensure that the products we use are ethically sourced and produced. We do not use any synthetics or petroleum in our oils, ensuring our treatments are kind to your skin and to your senses.