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The Benefits Of An Office Wellness Program

Keeping your employees happier and more productive is becoming more and more challenging every day. As employers offer their employees more perks, there has been a trend of qualified candidates choosing the company they work for based on the benefits packages they offer and one of those benefits that is in high demand is an office wellness program.

Benefits To Offering Massage Therapy

An office wellness program can include a wide range of services ranging from on-site yoga and exercise classes, to on-site massage therapy where the employees don’t ever have to leave the office to feel relaxed and reenergised. In fact, there are many benefits to offering massage therapy for both the employer and employee and they can all lead to a more productive workplace.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of offering on-site massage therapy to your employees:

Benefits Of Massage Therapy For Employers

Increased Productivity- massage therapy can lead to mind and body relaxation which can make problem solving skills increase. This means an increase in productivity as employees are much more positive after receiving massage therapy.

Increased Employee Retention- employees who receive massage therapy as part of an office wellness program are typically happier in their position and less likely to look for employment elsewhere. Massage therapy means less employee turnover and that can lead to cost savings for the employer.

Less Sick Days- employees who receive massage therapy have lowered stress levels and tend to be healthier than employees who do not. Less stress and fatigue means less health problems and that means fewer sick days.

Benefits Of Massage Therapy For Employees

Motivated- employees are more motivated when they feel like they are valued. An employer who provides their employees with an office wellness program including massage therapy will find that their employees are more motivated, more focused and more energised, all which lead to improved performance.

Healthier- employees who receive regular massage therapy are generally healthier than those who do not. Massage therapy can effectively reduce many work-related issues including headaches, migraines, high blood pressure, lower back pain and fatigue.

Improved Company Appreciation- employees who receive massage therapy as part of an office wellness program have an increase in company appreciation and are much more satisfied with their jobs.

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The Benefits Of An Office Wellness Program