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The Benefits of Baby Massage Therapy

Newborn babies require a lot of care and attention and for many parents, it can become very time consuming. Soon, however, they begin to fall into a routine and the household seems to settle down. Babies grow very quickly and to ensure that they develop properly, many experts are recommending baby massage therapy.

Baby massage therapy isn’t a new idea, but it is one that is growing in popularity throughout the UK. With baby massage classes being offered by top salons and spas throughout the country, many parents are taking the time to learn these techniques in an effort to provide the best care for their babies.

Benefits To Baby Massage Therapy

There are many important benefits to baby massage therapy and parents can give their babies a massage on a daily basis if they like. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of baby massage therapy:

Improved Touch Processing- giving your baby a massage can stimulate their tactile system. This can stimulate their brain, creating new connections between the skin and the brain which experts say can improve their touch processing.

Improved Coordination And Motor Development- many of the specific movements of the baby massage techniques follow the body’s neurological system and this helps to improve your baby’s coordination and motor development throughout the growth process.

Improved Relaxation- baby massage therapy releases endorphins in both the baby and the parent giving the massage. These hormones are used to relax the body and help regulate our sleep/wake cycles.

Improved Bonding- bonding between baby and mum and dad can be increased through the tactile stimulation that comes with baby massage therapy.

Improved Immunity- any type of massage stimulates blood flow and this can help improve baby’s immunity helping them fight off colds, viruses and infections.

Improved Digestion And Gas Relief- when massaging the abdominal area of your baby, the strokes can stimulate digestion and aid in the relief of any built up gas. This can make your baby feel more comfortable and a lot happier!

When Is The Best Time To Massage Your Baby?

While there is no specific time that you should practice baby massage therapy, most parents get the best results after bath. This will help them relax and get ready for bed time so they can get a good night’s sleep.

To learn more about baby massage techniques, or to register for a baby massage class, contact Neroli & Co. today!

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