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Why You Should Get A Massage Today?

Have you been working long hours lately? Are you starting to feel the effects of those long hours? For many of us, working 60 hour weeks are not uncommon. In fact, we have grown accustomed to it and often have difficulty relaxing when we are not at work. This could be due to the additional stress those extra hours are putting on our bodies and it could lead to illness, heart disease or worse.

Taking care of our bodies means more than just eating right, getting enough exercise and sleeping well. Our bodies hold a lot of additional tension which could lead to stress and anxiety. Not good.

Massage Therapy Can Improve Your Health

So besides eating right and working out, what else can we do to make our bodies feel better and respond to the occasional stressful work day? Experts agree that massage therapy can help our bodies heal faster and respond better to stress and anxiety. Getting a professional massageprovides a wide range of benefits that you might not expect. Let’s take a look at the benefits of a massage and see why you should get a massage today:

Massages Are Relaxing – working a lot, or just being under a lot of stress can cause your muscles to be tense and sore. A massage can help you relax both your body and your mind and reduce the stress hormone cortisol which can lead to a wide range of health issues including weight gain, digestive problems, headaches and more.

Massages Can Help Lower Blood Pressure – regular massage sessions can help reduce your blood pressure, preventing heart disease and stroke. Many patients have found that they could reduce their medications by getting regular massage therapy sessions.

Massages Can Help Improve Circulation– a rich supply of blood to your muscles and organs can lead to improved health and longevity. Massage therapy can help improve your circulation and promote faster healing and improved overall body function.

Massages Can Improve Your Posture – poor posture is the number one cause of chronic back and neck pain for people all over the world. Regular massage therapy sessions can help your body get back into proper alignment and relieve the pain you feel in your back and neck. Massage therapy can providegreater flexibility and range of motion creating a healthy posture.

Massages Can Strengthen Your Body’s Immune System – a strong immune system can lead to a healthy body. Your body’s immune system can become weakened over time by stress, depression or being overworked. Massage therapy can strengthen your body’s immune system by boosting itscytotoxic capacity and enhances the body’s ability to deliver the nutrients it needs.

To learn more about massage therapy and how it can help you stay healthy, contact Neroli & Co to schedule your mobile massage today.

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