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How do I improve my running speed?

With the London Marathon on the horizon and plenty of half marathons taking place across London in the coming months – if you’re training for one of these sporting events, a thought that is sure to have crossed your mind is ‘How do I improve my running speed?‘

Whether you’re a novice runner or compete regularly in running events – let’s face it – you’ll always be looking to shave seconds (or even minutes!) off your mile time and in this post we’ll reveal how you can achieve this!

The secret to making you run faster is to build regular Deep Tissue or Sports Massage treatments into your training regime.

By establishing a programme of regular massage treatments with a fully qualified and professional therapist you will become aware of particular muscles that you are over exerting whilst training. Through tailored massage treatments that help your muscles rest and recover coupled with expert aftercare advice, you’ll be able to correct any overexertion so that you can train harder, build up your stamina and watch your race time drop!

Does a Deep Tissue or Sports Massage hurt?

If you’ve not had a Deep Tissue or Sports massage before, you need to prepare yourself to feel some discomfort during your treatment but if it’s too much to bare you can ask your therapist to reduce the pressure.

Other benefits of building massage into your running regime:

  • Having massages in the lead up to race day helps to mentally prepare you for what your body is going to endure.

  • Reduces the chance of getting a running injury.

  • Improves the capacity of red blood cells to carry oxygen around your body.

  • Can lower blood pressure by dilating blood vessels.

If you’re looking to have a massage before the London Marathon we recommend booking it for at least two days before the race – any closer and you’ll potentially jeopardise your performance as the treatment leaves your muscles aching and sore. This massage shouldn’t be too heavy and just work to flush the chemicals away from your legs. If you let your Neroli & Co therapist now you are running in the marathon, they’ll be able to adapt your treatment accordingly.

Are you running in a marathon, half marathon or 10k this year? If so, which one, and how is your training coming along? It would be great to get your comments below.

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