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5 herbal teas good for your health

Making an effort to drink herbal tea will not only provide you with a great range of vitamins and minerals but also help to counteract many irritating issues you may face in day to day life. With that in mind, it’s no wonder that the health market has recently become saturated with so many herbal tea brands claiming to offer a wealth of benefits. Here we’ve sourced 5 of our favourite herbal teas to help counteract issues such as sleep deprivation, bad skin, the common cold, poor digestion and weight.

For weight loss – Green Tea

Best sipped before a work out, green tea will act as a great metabolism booster – aiding in fat burning through the small amount of caffeine and polyphenols it contains. We love Heath & Heather’s Green Tea and Morrocan Mint, available here.

For sleep aid – Camomile Tea

Camomile has been used for centuries to aid those who have difficulty sleeping to have a stress-free 8 hours pillow-time and is the perfect accompaniment to a Swedish Massage. We love Clipper’s Camomile Tea Bags (available here)

For skin issues – Rosehip Tea
Derived from rose plant fruits, Rosehip tea is a great source of Vitamin C – a vitamin commonly attributed to its benefits towards clearer and more healthy looking skin. Not only this but antioxidants within rose hip tea will help to detoxify any impurities within the skin and the combined hot water will help re-hydrate dry skin. We love Heath and Heather’s Rosehip Tea.

For fighting colds – Ginger Tea
In order to fight the symptoms of a cold, drinking Ginger herbal tea with a small amount of honey will work wonders. The combination of sweet honey, warm fluid and ginger will help to sooth your throat, whilst acting as a mild decongestant and antimicrobial remedy. We recommend Teapigs sweet ginger tea available here.

For digestion issues – Lemon Verbena Tea
Lemon Verbena is a herb acclaimed of its ability to promote digestive health. It aids the body in breaking down fats and provides relief from irritation and nausea. Clipper rise & shine tea is a favourite of ours (available here)!


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